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Viktoria Gontscharov Yoga Instructor_edited_edited.jpg

Viktoria Gontscharov
Yoga teacher

My Story

Hello, I am Viktoria and I teach Easy Flow class at Glow Yoga Maastricht.


In my class you can expect a meditative practice which is based on conscious breathing and gentle movements.


Ever since I have started practicing yoga over 10 years ago it has been my continuous reminder to be present here and now and stay in tune with myself. In 2018 I completed my first 300 hours teacher training in India, which introduced me to the rich traditions of this practice. Learning about the depths of the teachings, I immedeately felt a calling to practice and study it further. A 200 hours teacher training followed to strengthen the foundation and to be able to share it with others. In addition, I finished a 100 hours prenatal teacher course to ensure that the yoga practice is accesable to women while they are going through pregnancy.


Having experienced the inspiring and transforming power yoga in my own life, I am dedicated to share its benefits with the others. So happy to be meeting you on the mat soon!

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