Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a very special time in life for a mom-to-be. It is a journey full of wonderful but sometimes anxious moments. The body of a future mom is changing, as well as her perception of herself and the world around her as she is preparing to become a mom. An expecting mom often gets confronted with anxiety and worries about what is good for her and her unborn baby. Is it safe to practice now? Which postures are safe and which should be avoided? How do you deal with mood swings as the whole world around you is changing? How can you keep on practicing comfortably in your ever changing body?

Prenatal yoga allows to practice in a safe way throughout the pregnancy and helps to stay healthy and in good shape. It helps in alleviating the most common complaints in pregnancy such as nausea, lower back pain, pelvic instability, swollen legs, mood swings and anxiety to name a few. It improves self awareness and makes the connection between the mom and the baby even stronger. 

At Glow Yoga all prenatal classes are made with a lot of thought and care for future moms. Being a new mom myself, I know how challenging the time of pregnancy and postpartum can be. I design my prenatal classes so that you can enjoy, recuperate and feel stronger. A moderate physical activity in pregnancy is very beneficial for you as an expecting mom and for your unborn baby, but that's not all. Hormonal changes, swings of energy and mood swings, a feeling of being overwhelmed, extremely happy and terrified at the same time, constantly thinking of what you do, eat or drink not to harm your tiny precious miracle are certainly not nothing and should not be ignored. Make time for yourself! Decompress and learn to let go and trust your intuition, your body, your maternal instinct. Don't feel like you are on your own. Use support that's there for you and be grateful to the universe for this miracle that is about to happen: your baby!

In my effort to try and guide women and their partners as they prepare to become parents, I designed a few classes. I offer them as part of a membership Mom To Be and Mom To Be +, both memberships include one private class. Please, scroll down for more details. 

It is generally safe to begin or restart practicing yoga from week 12 of your pregnancy, if it is a healthy one, without any anomalies. I recommend to always consult your midwife or gynaecologist before taking the class.

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