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Pregnancy is a very special time in life for a mom-to-be. It is a journey full of wonderful but sometimes anxious moments. The body of a future mom is changing, as well as her perception of herself and the world around her as she is preparing to become a mom. Click here to discover our prenatal classes right away.


An expecting mom often gets confronted with anxiety and worries about what is good for her and her unborn baby. Is it safe to practice yoga now? Which positions are safe and which should be avoided? How do you deal with mood swings as the whole world around you is changing? How can you keep on practicing comfortably in your ever changing body?

Prenatal yoga allows to practice in a safe way throughout the pregnancy and helps to stay healthy and in good shape. It helps in alleviating the most common complaints in pregnancy such as nausea, lower back pain, pelvic instability, swollen legs, mood swings and anxiety to name a few. It improves self awareness and makes the connection between the mom and the baby even stronger. 

At Glow Yoga all prenatal classes are made with a lot of thought and care for future moms. Being both a mom and yoga professional, Elena teaches from her heart with an understanding of what is beneficial for the expecting mom and the baby. 


"I know how challenging the time of pregnancy and postpartum can be.

So much is changing in your body and in your life now! It's not easy to get used to it and still have fun while expecting or dealing with early days of motherhood.


I'm here to help you! I put my experience as a trained yoga teacher and as a mom to make the classes both safe and fun, grounding and relaxing, strengthening and helping you to make space, feeling lightness instead of heaviness." 


Elena Lowry,

Mom, prenatal yoga teacher & founder of Glow Yoga Maastricht

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Young mother with a child in the yoga studio

* It is generally safe to begin or restart practicing yoga from week 12 of your pregnancy. Always consult with your midwife or gynaecologist first to ensure your pregnancy is running smoothly and there are no precautions. 

  • Physical asanas, breathing & visualisations for pregnancy and birthing

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    Mon, Fri

    1 hr

    20 euros
  • Preparation for labour as a couple, fun & connection for both partners

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    1 hr 30 min

    30 euros
  • Get back in shape after pregnancy and have fun with your baby

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    45 min

    17 euros
  • Adjusted massage to rub away the pains and strains of pregnancy

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    1 hr

    70 euros
  • Calming massage for the little ones

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    30 min

    35 euros
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