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Reiki Treatment

You may notice it during the day: stiff sensations in your back, soreness in your neck and shoulders, ache in your muscles because of pushing yourself too hard... Sometimes yoga practice is just not enough and you need a massage therapist to help you relieve the pain. 

There are so many benefits to massage: it reduces stress, improves blood circulation, alleviates pain​, eliminates toxins, relaxes and rejuvenates the body and mind, improves joint flexibility, and so much more. A human touch in its most literal sense is soothing, relaxing and provides a feeling of comfort.


You don't need to have a reason to treat yourself to a massage, but you certainly will benefit from it if you have painful, stiff sensations in your body, if you are going through a hard, stressful period or you have been exposed to a significant physical stresses from exercise. 

At Glow we believe that massage is a valuable addition to yoga practice. Yoga and massage have a similar goal but the techniques to achieve it are different. In yoga we actively engage and relax certain muscles and joints, thus making them stronger and suppler. During a massage session those muscles and joints are manipulated by a massage therapist using the power and energy of his or her own body to give you a feeling of deep, profound relaxation. A massage therapist feels a blockage in a certain area and can make that area loose by using special techniques. The result is a feeling of relief, well-being and balance. 

Try one of our massages in a cosy, warm room, surrounded by scents of essential oils and relaxing music. Your body will be very grateful.  

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