We are an English speaking yoga & massage studio in the heart of Maastricht. 


We specialise in Vinyasa, Prenatal yoga and Mindfulness classes for all internationals living in this beautiful city. 


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We want you to feel like home and let the studio be the place where you want to come back to. When at home, we feel comfortable and safe. We may arrive tired or stressed, but the comfort of home helps us to relax and decompress.


When you arrive at the studio, take your time to settle in. You are welcome to freshly brewed tea and a cosy atmosphere. There is an option to freshen up before the class if you feel like doing so. Then, take your place in the shala revitalised before the class begins. We start our practice with meditation and mindful breathing to become present in the moment. Once we are ready, we start our practice. Followed by an extended relaxation, the class will leave you re-energised and serene. Now step outside and enjoy a heart warming cup of tea or a glass of fresh water in the yoga garden. There you go, the benefits of yoga are already showing. Sounds good, doesn't it?


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Small groups

The amount of participants per class is limited to 9 in a regular yoga class and to 6 in a prenatal class so that everyone can get attention and guidance they deserve. Out of respect for your fellow-yogis and the teacher we ask you to cancel your reservation on time if you cannot attend the class so that another yogi can join.

Hands-on adjustments

Sometimes we just need that extra pair of hands. Physical adjustments of a posture help to really feel its effect on the body and allow to experience a fuller expression of a pose or access poses that we otherwise may not be able to access. This makes the entire experience of the yoga journey more complete. Naturally, we apply the hands-on adjustments with a lot of respect for the yogis and their individuality.

Safe practice

We care about your safety and strive to guide you through your yoga journey in a secure and comfortable way. During the classes we give many verbal cues and offer options for lesser advanced practitioners or those who have injuries in order to make the practice of yoga acceptable and pleasant for everyone.

Techniques and alignment

We believe that in order to master an ability a correct base is required. Same principle applies in yoga. When we do our practice regularly over time we become more advanced, but it is only possible when the right base is set from the start. So, instead of rushing after a full expression of a pose we pay attention to the correct alignment of the posture and the techniques to come in a pose. 


" I am happy to be able to share my passion for yoga with you. I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes"

Elena Lowry,
Certified yoga teacher,
Creator of Glow Yoga Maastricht


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