Our Mindfulness & Meditation classes are focused on full relaxation of the mind. This class is for everyone who cares about their mental well-being, anyone who is looking for a moment of silence and peace in the busy world. Here we bring attention to the mind and soul. 


The intention behind this class is not to teach you how to meditate but to help you create a moment of stillness and inner silence so that you can recuperate and reset. 

A Mindfulness & Meditation class truly is the time for yourself when you don't have to do anything but let go and relax. In this class we use different techniques, such as body scan, mindful breathing, sound healing and aromatherapy. We believe in healing qualities of nature, and whenever the weather allows it we let the session happen outside in our own secluded yoga garden.


The class takes place a few times per week either before or after a yoga class to allow you have a full experience, but they also can be booked separately.

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